Fit trainer

fit trainer

Train efficiently

Plan your progress in workouts:

You can now not only record your results in the exercises but make a detailed progress plan for the months to come and follow it at each workout.

Individual training program selection
and planning workouts for the months to come:

The app will provide you with a detailed plan of workouts to reach your goal.
At each workout the app will act like a personal trainer, tell you what exercises to do, the number of repetitions, weights, sequence, and will monitor your rest between the sets. It’s really simple, you have to follow the plan and track down your progress.

Possibility to view and analyze historical data on the finished workouts:

The app will show when you’ve set another record and how much time it has taken you.
So you will be able to assess efficiency of the program.

Synchronize the data
between the devices:

Your data will never be lost at change of the device.
If you have many devices the app will synchronize the information between them.

All workouts
in your calendar:

Add your workouts to the calendar of your app. All your notes will be in one place.